Enterprise Governance...

Enterprise governance is the phrase on everyone's lips. If it sounds tough, it is - but don't be put off. We're here to help. Fundamentally, Enterprise Governance is just another way of saying "Organisational Accountability".

Today, there is an ever increasing need for businesses to have clear strategic direction, to ensure that objectives are achieved, to manage risks appropriately and to use the organisation's resources responsibly.

There are two dimensions to enterprise governance:

  • conformance and performance.

It is critical that these two dimensions are balanced if sustained success in business is going to be achieved.

Many businesses fail because becoming reactive to their environment and fail to question or challenge what is happening to them. At Part Time FD we provide a unique viewpoint which is at once independent and with a detailed understanding of your business. And we never fail to ask the pertinent question. For more information contact info@parttimefd.com