Don't Forget The Basics...

As a growing business you keep a very close eye on what you spend.  You have a bookkeeper or accountant who is capable of providing much of the information you need to run your business, but find that while the basic financial jobs get done there are gaps.  You would like:

  • Adequate financial and budgetary control that is appropriate to that business
  • Assurance that you are complying with appropriate accounting standards and controls
  • Integration of management information from sources other than accounts, and translation of financial information, to provide relevant and reliable decision making data
  • Someone with a sound knowledge of your business to run financial relationships with external bodies (banks, venture capitalists, auditors, tax advisors)
  • A helping hand when there simply aren't enough hands to get the work done, perhaps around the time of the financial year end

Those are largely non-strategic day-to-day jobs that a Finance Director would typically undertake.  At Part Time FD we cover these issues for you by utilising the existing staff, systems and controls to their best potential.  Where changes are necessary we help you to make them with the minimum disruption to your business.  For more information contact